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Welcome to the Tennessee Association of Fairs Website!

Here you can find information about regional and county fairs in the state of Tennessee.
Presently there are a total of fifty-seven member fairs.

Agricultural fairs are a tradition in the beautiful state of Tennessee. When you travel the roads of Tennessee the beauty that lines the country roads include some of the most impressive of agricultural scenes, from rolling pastures covered in a variety of livestock, and field crops to sweet country homes with garden areas, chicken pens, and generations of farmers. The education taught from generation to generation is thankfully what continues to feed America. Each year those communities come together, in good neighborly form to showcase their summers agriculture trophies. In addition to showcasing the very best of Tennessee agriculture, your local fair is a source of enjoyment. Where families come together to celebrate life, for a short time you can join your neighbors for a variety of entertainment, show your community pride and the education that is received through your agricultural fair is endless. Be sure and plan to support your community fair this year.


Fairs in Tennessee are truly agricultural partners in a multitude of ways.  Fairs in Tennessee generated $12 million in gross receipts last year, showing that fairs have a major economic impact in their county and region.  Over 18,000 volunteers statewide devote time and energy to the 60 fairs in the state.  Fairs had over 201,000 exhibits of livestock, farm crops and products, and creative arts, which was up 69 % from 2016 exhibits.     

In 2017 the 60 agricultural fairs in Tennessee fairs paid almost $1 million in agricultural premiums to exhibitors, indicating their commitment and support to agriculture.   The fairs continue to grow through the dedication of those local individuals, counties and communities…. interested in keeping this tradition going.