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The Jimmy Floyd Memorial Award was first given  in 1999, as a Memorial Award for Jimmy Floyd, who was a great businessman, husband, father and son.  Jimmy was a great supporter of the TAF and served on the TAF Board of Directors for several years.  This award is given by the Tennessee Association of Fairs. The award is given each year to an Associate Member who is active and involved with the Tennessee Association of Fairs.



2015 Jimmy Floyd Memorial Award
Recipient Russell Kissel

This person’s family began in the carnival industry in 1932 with the purchase of a pony ride. Thirty-nine years later, the receipient came into this world as third generation with an immense passion for the business. At the age of 14, he purchased his first ride, an Allen HerschellSkyfighter; and by 17 he was running his own unit.

He was married not long after, bought the carnival in 2005. His business spans the majority of the South East and is continuously growing.

He has been a member of the Tennessee Association of Fairs for more than 50 years.

He has been awarded the Outdoor Amusement Business Association’s Circle of Excellence this year. He is an involved member and supporter of other industry organizations such as the Showmens League of America, the International Independent Show Associates, the International Association of Fairs and Expositions, and the Shriners.

In 2013, he lost his business partner and mother. They had worked closely together throughout their entire life. The business continues to be a family business with him working closely with his daughters and sharing his wisdom and love for the industry with the younger generation. He spends every day striving to improve industry guidelines and set new standards.


Stan Pitcock IMG_8999

Thorton Taylor Memorial Award
Presented to Mr. Stan Pitcock

This award started in 1971 as a Memorial Award for Thornton Taylor, long-time member of the Lincoln County Fair and a State Legislator.  This award is provided by the Lincoln County Fair.  This is given each year to a person who is active and been involved with the Tennessee Association of Fair.

About Stan Pitcock the Thornton Taylor Award Recipient
The following Bio was shared during presentation…

The recipient of this year’s award has been involved with their local fair for the past 47 years.  Has assisted with the state association convention for over 35 years and they have always lived on a farm.

Now, as you well know this could be any number of people in this room tonight, but this person has served at their local fair as livestock superintendent and on the board of directors for several years.   They were very involved with cattle shows to which led to their child winning the national 4-H beef award.  This person also developed a system for ticket sales at their local fair that has been very well accepted by those working the gates and those responsible for balancing the gate sales.

Some things of interest about this person that you would probably never know.

In the late 80’s he was involved in the dismantling of the first Perishing Missile for the US during the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.  While working for the Amy for 32 years before their retirement they developed a repair system for the Multiple Launch Rocket System, which is still being used today.   He traveled extensively for the Army giving briefings in Germany, Holland, Norway, Bahrain, Greece, Egypt, and Korea.  He has one son Mark and daughter-in-law Melissa and two grandchildren Parker and Megan and also his lovely wife Emily.

It is with great pleasure that I present the Thornton Taylor Award to Stan Pitcock of the Lincoln County Fair.


Judy Basse Memorial Award for
Outstanding Fair Secretary

Judy Basse

Mrs. Judy Basse

About Cindy Smith the Judy Basse Memorial Award Recipient
The following Bio was shared during presentation…

They have been a spectator, exhibitor, and volunteer at their fair all their life.  They became a board member in 2006 and was elected to the position of Secretary in ’08 They have held the secretary/treasurer position since 2009, which is strictly a volunteer position. They are the first person on the grounds prior to any event and the last person to leave.  She is also active with the Tennessee Association by serving on several committees.  She is a great asset to the Tennessee Association of Fairs by serving as our website developer and administrator.  As quoted by their fair president, “she is the face and voice of our fair.  She is not only a secretary, she is our spokesperson, our go to person and our ROCK!” It is with great pleasure that I present the “Judy Bases Memorial Award for Outstanding Secretary of the Year” for 2015 to Cindy Smith from the Fentress County Fair.


Vernon Henson Award
Presented to Ruthie Jeans
from Brenda Pierce-Williams.

This plaque is given by the Dyer County Fair in memory of Vernon Henson, long-time member of their fair board and a past president of the TAF


P.G. Crooks Award
Present to Brenda Pierce Williams
from Ruthie Jeans

This plaque is given by the Crooks family in memory of their father, P.G. Crooks, who was a long-time member of the Fentress County Fair board and past president of the TAF.  His son, David was active with the Fentress County Fair until his death in 2010 and also past TAF president and his daughter, Ella Ree Johnson is active with the White County Fair.