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Queens Adventure

In January of 2013 The Tennessee Association of Fairs once again sponsored the Fairest of the Fairs Pageant.  Queens arrived at the Nashville Marriot on Thursday, January 17th for registration.  There are lots of activities that take place just for the queens, On opening night the had a Queens Party which was held in the Cumberland Ballroom.  This event is exclusively for the Queens and it is a great time for them to get to know each other.

Pictured here are just a few shots of the fun had at the opening night party.  Lots of fun games, girly chatter, refreshments and entertainment.

What happens on Friday?  Oh that was a big day for these beautiful ladies.  Beginning at 8:00 am were the interviews.  Each lady got to meet the judges for some one on one time.  After interviews it was practice, practice, practice only prior to getting ready for the evenings pageant.  The pageant committee provides an area of holding for the ladies to do the final touches, and to catch a breath before line up and the big Pageant.

The above pictures are taken just prior to the Pageant where the girls do all the final touch-up and anxiously await line up.  Just imagine there nerves…

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