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A Note and Invite from Debbie Bradshaw-Hart

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Debbie Bradshaw-Hart, President
2014 Tennessee Association of Fairs

A Note From Your TAF President

As your TAF President, how true these words became as I crisscrossed the great State of Tennessee seeing old friends and meeting new friends along the way.  I would like to thank each of you that took the time to show me your fairgrounds and share the history of your county fair.

During my years of service as a Director and Past-President of the Dyer County Fair, it was those years that prepared me for the path I would take with TAF.  I know personally the sacrifices of your time and efforts it takes to make your county fair the best it can be.  As I traveled across Tennessee the past four years, I realized just how important TAF is to its members.  We all learn from each other as to how to better our facilities, our fairgrounds and even how to establish a solid board of directors to make things happen.  These things don’t happen overnight but take many years of hard work, dedication and time.

I want to personally thank the TAF board, both past and present, for not only the opportunity to serve as this year’s president but as well for the kindness and support you’ve shown over the past seven years.  To Emily:  Thank you for the countless hours that you spend serving as Executive Secretary to help make this association what it is today.

My heartfelt thanks go to the Dyer County Fair and all the West Tennessee Fairs, for having the confidence in me to lead us into 2015.  Last and certainly not least, thank you to my best friend and husband, Paul, who has been with me on this treasured journey the past seven years.

God bless you, and remember: YOUR TIME MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Debbie Bradshaw-Hart



Debbie says in celebration of a great year she is looking forward to gathering with you all and says “It’s time to get your Beach On!”  See you at convention!

President's Party Invitation - 2015