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Presidents Reception

President Debbie Bradshaw-Hart Reception

A great reception held by 2014 President Debbie Bradshaw-Hart.  Lot’s of fair family came by to visit and congratulate her on the wonderful fair season and the great job she has done as TAF President.  In closing at the Banquet President Bradshaw-Hart shared kind words with a packed banquet hall, the following on “Your Time Matters”…




Debbie IMG_0707

Debbie Bradshaw-Hart, 2014 TAF President pictured with her husband

During the annual banquet Mrs. Debbie Bradshaw-Hart returned to the mic for closing remarks as her reign as president came to a close.  The following is what she shared with the large group of fair-family on hand…

A few short closing remarks……Always remember that your time does make a difference whether it’s spent with family and friends, the elderly or the sick.  Your time makes a difference when you devote yourself unselfishly to the work of your county fair.

Always strive to have patience with those trying to learn your job…they are trying to learn just as you did many years ago.  Give the young people involved with your fair the opportunity to lead as you have.

Thank you to the Dyer County Fair Association for your tremendous support and confidence in me to represent our fair with TAF.

Thank you to TAF for allowing me to lead our association into 2015.

Thank you, Eric, for being my emcee tonight and to my son, Cole, for the invocation.

Last and most importantly, thank you to my family for being here tonight for this memorable occasion.  I love you all!  And Paul, thank you for driving Miss Debbie the past four years!

God bless each of you here and remember…..